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Hi, all!

We just wanted to take a minute and thank all of our amazing customers for your incredible support throughout the COVID-19 crisis and provide an update on our operations as things progress into Phase 3.

Here at Brooklyn Pizza Authority we continue to take all state mandates and health department guidance very seriously. At the onset of dining room closures, we immediately retrained staff, required PPE for staff such as face masks and gloves at all times, adopted a rigorous disinfecting and sanitation schedule, and will continue to monitor and ensure our full compliance with all state requirements and health department guidance.

This includes asking customers to wear a face mask while inside the restaurant pursuant to the state requirements and guidance for indoor spaces.

For those who cannot wear a mask we currently offer the options of online and phone ordering with your choice of curbside pickup or delivery and are happy to send a staff member outside to assist you while you wait in your car or enjoy our outdoor tables.

In regards specifically to Phase 3, we've reviewed current guidelines from the state and have decided that as a primarily delivery and takeout restaurant and in the interest of the safety and health of customers, staff, and the community at-large, we will continue to delay reopening our dine-in area for the time being. 

As things continue to progress, we'll be observing best practices across the industry from primarily dine-in establishments to ensure the best possible experience when we do reopen our dining area. We are also currently accepting applications and hiring for all positions as things proceed and reopening progresses.

Thanks everyone!

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