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By using the online ordering system you acknowledge and understand that takeout orders may not be changed to delivery unless your address is within our delivery zone and any changes to an order may affect your estimated time. If your address is not accepted by our online ordering site then you DO NOT fall within our delivery zone and cannot change a takeout order to delivery. Do not place takeout orders that you are unable to pick up or do not intend to pick up. Check your order carefully before submitting and check your confirmation to make sure it is accurate and what you intended to order. If there is an issue please call the restaurant immediately. Online orders are made as submitted by the user and we cannot be responsible for user errors if we make what you ordered. We also encourage customers to read this entire page before placing an order. Not reading the online ordering policies on this page does not exclude you from them.


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*Opens in new tab. Using your phone's back button may require you to refresh the page to continue ordering. If button fails to load click here to launch online ordering.


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You can now find NO CONTACT DELIVERY as the first listed item on our online ordering menu. Just select the category and add that item to your cart and we will leave your delivery at your front door and then call you at the number you provide at checkout to confirm arrival. It's that easy!

Please be advised that if you do not add the NO CONTACT DELIVERY ONLINE item to your cart and only write instructions at checkout, we are required to call you and confirm that it is a no contact order. This is a requirement of our credit card processor regarding unsigned receipts from a no contact transaction of this nature.


If you have any concerns at all that your residence might present an issue in executing such a delivery, please feel free to give us a call at 804-276-0040 so we can work with you to figure out the best options.

Thank you everyone for your patience and stay healthy and safe!


Please refer to this video on how to build an order and apply a promo code at checkout.

Please note that all items involved with the deal must already be in your cart in order to apply the promo code.


Our online ordering system accepts delivery orders up until 45 minutes before the posted closing time and takeout orders up until 25 minutes before the posted closing time. You may still place orders by phone after these times. Please do not place takeout orders if you are unable to pick it up by closing time.



Orders using promotions, coupons or discounts without a promo code must be placed by phone.


For orders over $150, please order by phone.


Online Ordering is available for credit/debit payment online only. For cash orders, please order by phone.


We sometimes rotate between Beef & Lamb Shawarma and Chicken Shawarma. Please call to ask about today's availability.

Please review all online orders carefully before submitting. We are unable to honor replacement or refund requests if the order we make matches the order as it was submitted.

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