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Dr. Brown's Black Cherry

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Dr. Brown's Diet Cream Soda

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Sanpellegrino Orange

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Green Tea

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20 oz. Diet Coke

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Delivery charge is not a driver tip. Specials and offers are for a limited time and are not calculated automatically, but must be mentioned when ordering. Discounts are not applicable to tax, delivery charge, or tips. All specials and offers are subject to product availability.

Due to a recent uptick in counterfeit bills in the area, we cannot accept $100 bills as payment until further notice.

Brooklyn Pizza Authority menu items are intended for consumption when purchased or received by the customer. If there is a problem with your order we will correct it to the best of our ability. However, we are unable to honor requests regarding order accuracy or complaints regarding quality made more than 4 hours after purchase or receipt of delivery. If there is an issue outside of business hours or past closing time, please email us at info@bkpizzaauthority.com with your name and phone number on the order and we will contact you the following day.

Brooklyn Pizza Authority has a zero tolerance policy for verbal abuse and/or profanity directed at staff in-person or over the phone and reserves the right to deny service.

Our gluten-free crust option is prepared in a common kitchen and at risk to gluten exposure and therefore not recommended for customers with celiac disease. We also recommend that any customer with an allergen concern also take this into account and exercise their best judgment in consuming Brooklyn Pizza Authority menu items.


Brooklyn Pizza Authority employs its own drivers and is not affiliated with any 3rd-party delivery services; nor has it extended any permissions to any such service to take orders or publish content related to Brooklyn Pizza Authority. For reasons of liability, lack of permission, and quality control; we cannot honor or fill orders placed with such services.

Brooklyn Pizza Authority, its logos, and "The pizza is here."® are registered service marks in the state of Virginia. "The pizza is here."® is a federal registered service mark. Use of these marks is strictly prohibited without the expressed written consent of Brooklyn Pizza Authority.


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